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Stating the MON€¥ FACT$

Swimming, as a recreational sport is fairly inexpensive. All you need is a swimsuit, goggles and a hat. Possibly a pair of fins … wait, what about your own kicking board and pull buoy? And paddles, I need paddles. A scuba to work on the underwater pull, a couple of water bottles, an waterproof watch / lap-counter / GPS device might come in handy … Oh and 4€ for the entry fee to the pool.

So that’s for pool swimming.

When it comes to marathon swimming, there are more hidden costs, the uncovering of some requiring a post-Channel swim bank account autopsy

(From my 2009 experience)

Yearly subscription to the pool
Petrol to drive from Cork to Kinsale and back (2 to 5 times a week during spring/summer)400€
More swimsuits, more goggles100€
Safety lights (to be attached to togs and goggles)30€
Food for during the swims300€
Food for fattening up1500 – 2000€
More petrol or plane tickets to and from Dover200€
Support boat pilot fee2900€
Two-week accomodation in Dover (4-person caravan)540€

Total …. ~6500€

And this doesn’t even include visits to the doctor, physiotherapist, chiropractor, mental hospital, etc.

Why help me?

Yes, why? Here’s a list of scenarios that might lead you to sacrifice a couple dimes to help me with my projects:

- You have waaaay too much money (pre-requisite).
- You have waaaay too much money AND you would like me to tell you more about open-water swimming or swimming the English Channel.
- You have waaaay too much money AND you would like your logo to appear on this blog, on my swim hat or on my togs.
- You have waaaay too much money AND you would like to support an adventurous butterfly trapped in a frog’s body.
- You have waaaay too much money AND you would like to purchase one of my home-knitted designers gloves.
- You have waaaay too much money AND you think that giving some of it to one of my chosen charities just isn’t enough

How to help me?

I’m still in the process of developping this blog, so there’s no way of directly send kopecks my way (I know you’re eager, but bear with me). But you can always send me an email at … estadieusylvain _ AT _ gmail _ DOT _ com


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