Name: Sylvain (Sylle) Estadieu (Estadiö)

Originally from: Villé, Alsace, France

H2O-educated in: Kinsale, Co Cork, Ireland

Spent 50 weeks in: New-Zealand, Down Unda

Currently living in: Gothenburg, Sweden

Swimmer specialised in relatively cold water and relatively long distances. Did a solo crossing of the English Channel in September 2009 and a Butterfly crossing of the English Channel in September 2013.

Other notable swims:

- Lake Zurich 2009 (26,4km)
- Loug Sheelin 2010 (15km)
- Vidösternsimmet 2014 (21,5km)

I am neither fast nor slow, I can swim in unreasonably cold water for a reasonable amount of time, I love front crawl, adore butterfly, enjoy breaststroke and despise backstroke, I watch swimming, read about swimming, talk about swimming …

I am always up for a challenge, so DO NO HESITATE to submit any crazy / silly swimming idea that you might have.


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  1. Hind Hobeika says:

    Hello Sylvain!

    I follow your blog and your tweets!

    My name is Hind, I am former professional swimmer. I founded a company called Instabeat, that does a heads-up display for swimmers that monitors heart rate, calories, number of laps and flip turns.
    We are running a pre-order campaign:

    I would really appreciate your help in spreading the word to the swimming community. Tech is advancing really slowly when it comes to swimming- I am sure you would agree- and I truly believe this is going to change the swimming experience! Any blog/tweet/facebook post would be truly appreciated. Being an influential blogger, your word would mean a lot :)

    Also, I would really love to have your feedback about the design and the features, and send you a sample once it is ready!

    Thanks in advance for your support and looking forward to hearing from you!


    More details on Instabeat:
    This non-intrusive device can be mounted to any pair of swimming goggles and measures the heart rate from the temporal artery, getting rid of the chest belt, by a ground-breaking sensing technology that makes Instabeat® the first of its kind.

    It measures your heart rate, calories, number of laps and flip turns, and gives you real-time feedback of the heart rate zone during your swim through a colour code: blue if in the fat burning zone, green if in the fitness zone, and red if in the maximum performance zone. The device syncs all the above with your personal online dashboard so that you can track your progress over time.

    Pre-order your Instabeat on Indiegogo now! Make the swimming revolution happen.

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