Past swims

All races were swam without a wetsuit except when specified.


  • Long Annecy Lake Crossing (2500m)


  • Long Annecy Lake Crossing (2500m in 34’04″)


  • Short Annecy Lake Crossing (1000m)


  • Lee Swim in Cork, Ireland (2000m in 30’32″, finished 21st out of 212)


  • Irish Champion of Champions (With wetsuit. 8 miles instead of 9 in 4h41)
  • Escape from Spike Island in Cobh (1500m)
  • Lee Swim in Cork, Ireland (2000m in 27’55″, finished 24th out of 213)
  • Blackrock to Cobh (12km in 2h38′, 8th out of 19)
  • Sandycove Island Challenge (1700m in 25’27″, 22nd out of 195)


  • 7th of February: One cold (7.5°C) lap of Sandycove Island in 28 minutes with Sir Molnar
  • Irish Champion of Champions (9 miles/15km in 3h49’50, 5th sur 23)
  • Martin Duggan Memorial Challenge (6km in 1h50’50″, 3rd out of 15)
  • Lee Swim in Cork, Ireland (2000m in 25’59″, 18th out of 270)
  • Lake Zurich Swim (26.4km in 9h21′, 7th out of 8 (!) in my category, 18th out of 29 in total)
  • Adam Island to Glandore (3000m in 59’40″, 4th out of 27)
  • English Channel Crossing (34km in 14h44′)
  • Four-lap Sandycove Island Medley Swim (approximately 7km in 2h14′)
  • Sherkin Island to Baltimore (2000m)


  • Vansbrosimningen (3000m in 40’39″, 150th out of 6665)
  • 6km of butterfly followed by 6km of backstroke in 1h55 + 2h40 = 4h35
  • Lough Sheelin (15km in 4h11′, 5th out of 16)


  • UK Cold Water Swimming Championships in Tooting (Water temperature: 3,5°C)
    - 2nd in the 30 yard “head-up breaststroke” race
    - 4th in the 30 yard freestyle race in 17″97
    - 9th out of 44 in the 500m endurance race in 7’09″
    - 10th out of 45 in the 4x30yards freestyle relay race with the Craic Nutters team (1’18″87)
  • Napier Ocean Swim in New-Zealand (2500m in 39’22″, 26th out of 91)
  • Auckland Harbour Crossing in New-Zealand (3000m in butterfly in 1h09″37, 764th out of 1276)


  • Vidöstern Lake (21.5km) … did 13.5km of butterfly in just over 6h30
  • Göteborg Simmet (5000m in butterfly in 1h36, 7th out of 7!!!)


  • Lee Swim in Cork, Ireland (2000m in 32’28″, 134th out of 376) all butterfly
  • Loch Allua, Cork, Ireland (7000m in 2h22, 41st out of 63) all butterfly
  • English Channel butterfly swim (16h42) First man and third person overall


  • Vidöstern Lake (21.5km in 7h17) … 33rd out of 66 and 4th out of 7 non-wetsuiters
  • Göteborg Simmet (5000m in 1h11, 9th out of 30)
  • Göteborg Simmet (1000m in 14’40″, 3rd male!)

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