Future Challenges


Vasaloppet (90km, x-country skiing) … February 26th … DONE (10hrs 26mins)

Vätternrundan (300km, cycling) … June 15th
NO MONEY, NO BICYCLES (until very recently), WILL HAVE TO WAIT …

Vansbrosimningen (3km, swimming) … July 8th
Not happening either … will do some longer/cheaper/closer races instead

Vidösternsimmet (21km, swimming) … August 4th … Not quite done … abandonned after 13.5km of butterfly in 6h30

Göteborg Simmet (5km, swimming) … August 18th … DONE (1hr 36mins in butterfly, 7th out of 7)


Butterfly across the English Channel (34km, swimming) … September 12th to 17th


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