My two charities of choice:

Hundar Utan Hem

Click Here to Donate via Inspons :) (translated: “Homeless dogs”) is a website that presents homeless Irish dogs in need of a home in Sweden.

In Sweden we don´t have any stray dogs. Still many people want to help a dog in need or prefer to adopt an older dog instead of buying a pure breed pup from a kennel.
People in Sweden treat their dogs like a member of the family and many are heartbroken when they hear about all the dogs being put to sleep in Ireland. Helping an Irish dog has become very popular and we can home almost any dog to a great new home in Sweden.
Most of the dogs coming to Sweden have a family waiting for him/her at the airport. If we haven´t found the right family, the dog will be taken to one of our caring fosterhomes.

(Source: Hundar Utan Hem


Association des Parents d’Enfants Inadaptés (APEI)

L’APEI Centre Alsace is a territorial assoction that promotes the advancement of handicapped people, their social integration as well as the maintain of the familial bonds.
The commitment of all professionals and volunteers allows for the values of solidarity, dignity and respect of the individual to lead to concrete actions within the 9 institutions and wards (350 persons taken care of, 240 employees and 230 members). L’APEI Centre Alsace has been registered as being of public utility since 2001.

(Source: APEI Centre-Alsace)


You may also purchase an AQUADEUS swim cap specially designed for the crossing. Part of the money will go to the charities!

Click here to purchase the hat !!


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