Challenge me now!

Future Challenges:

100x100x90 (one hundred times 100m on 1’30″) (suggested by Donal)

2km swimming with “feet first” (suggested by Manu)

Succesful Challenges:

Four-lap Sandycove Island medley swim

One-hour lake swim with tied ankles

Seven laps of Sandycove Island without a feed

Fifty times 100m butterfly on 1’50″ (50×100 fly @ 1’50″)

One hour of butterfly

Failed Challenges:

24km medley swim (Link to article)

Full Olympic Program

… help me come up with new unusual swims or funky training sessions!!

Use the comment section to share your ideas.


11 Responses to Challenge me now!

  1. Let me think about it, in the meantime 100x100x90 to start for you. By yourself of course.

    • Sylle says:

      I’ll put it on my list :) I definitely wouldn’t be able to do it these days. Hopefully by the end of this year! The longest set I’ve done on 90″ was a 25 or 30×100 and some 15x200s on 3’00.
      First comment, thanks!

      • I love the look, I especially like that you put up a few articles before going live, exactly what I did, a mistake a lot of people make. And I love the mid air ‘fly stroke as the banner pic!

        • Sylle says:

          Thanks for that! I have pictures of air swimming for ‘fly, breaststroke and front crawl … didn’t dare to try backstroke … I should have!

  2. Manu says:

    Salut Sylvain !! Vraiment sympa ton site!

    Tu veux un défi à la con? Je t’en propose un: 2km de nage avec les pieds en avant!! ;o) Have fun !

    • Sylle says:

      Merci merci !

      J’aime beaucoup ton idée. Je suis pas allé nager ces derniers temps, mais dès que j’y retourne je teste les pieds en avant. Je suis sûr que c’est faisable, ca va être lent comme tout, mais je vais tenter le coup :)

  3. You could always swim the length of the UK. Someone is trying to do it right now from Cornwell to John O Groats.

  4. Caldérini says:

    D’abord bravo pour tout ce que tu fais.

    Je pense donc au défi suivant.

    La distance max en pap en hypoxie.


    Encore bravo,


  5. Salvo says:

    Hi Sylvain, congrats for your incredible accomplishments! Do you like one-arm-drills? Here’s my challenge: swim 1 hour front crawl using the same arm (passive arm down by side, not extended forward), or, if you like, switching arm after 30′. What distance will you cover?

    • Sylle says:

      Hi Salvo, I actually have some troubles with this type of drills, it’s working fine with one arm, not so much with the other. I’m in the process of trying to fix part of my asymmetry … and nursing some shoulder pain at the same time! But I agree, that would be an interesting challenge :)

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