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Vidösternsimmet 2012

Lake swims are tough. Lake Zurich 2009 (26km), puked three times within the first two hours and swam the final three hours pretty much only with the left arm. Lough Sheelin 2010 (15km), spent three hours swimming (full on) alongside … Continue reading

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Ducktor D’Affine

It’s been approximately five weeks since I started swimming again following the skiing madness of earlier this year. I figured I would share some numbers with you, this way I’ll (and you’ll … we’ll) be able to see the progression … Continue reading

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Water God

There are two occasions when one feels like a true athlete. After a grueling (and very hypothetical at this stage) 15k LCM pool session featuring three all-butterfly sets, two of them requiring you to hold a 1:30 per 100 pace … Continue reading

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Dobri-f article that may make you give up butterfly for ever …

I just stumbled upon a french website dealing with swimming technique (mostly front crawl from what I’ve seen): Le plaisir de nager (The Joy of Swimming). In one of the articles, the author mentions a Butterfly Jedi Master whom I … Continue reading

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