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New record for me over 5km, begging the question: am I doing too many record attempts and not enough actual training? Rhetorical question much?! We spent the weekend with Greta’s family down there in Skåne. Greta’s brother, Aron, had offered to be my bunny-rabbit! He’s a fast runner and thanks to him I got as close to the 20-minute barrier as I could on that day. We ran on a straight and flat dirt road for just over 2500m and then back. It all added up to a new PB of 20:05. I’ve come a long way in just 2-3 months and should probably focus on doing some longer and slower sessions with the occasional interval session (not something I’ve done until now).

Downing my PB by that much also meant that I got to take back the lead in Ryan’s Aquathlon challenge on Funbeat :D

21:03 for a 1500m swim
20:05 for a 5000m run
= 41:08

I’m hoping I’ll get under 40 minutes soon, and yes I’ll try to increase the training-to-time-trials ratio.

Getting to the title of the article: I’m starting to consider the idea of one day competing in some of the swim-run events in Sweden. These are team events where two participants swim and run (duh) between and over islands, preferably in a scenic archipelago (Stockholm, Göteborg …). The water is advertised as being freezing and the running part isn’t your regular road race. Distance-wise, the sport’s marquee event, Ö-till-Ö in Stockholm has you swim 11km and run 65km. The Gothenburg version will see the competitors swim 2km and run 19km, which is a more reasonable distance for me, running-wise but a less-favorable swim-to-run ratio.

I will not compete in any of these in 2015, not a chance! There are a couple things to get my head around:

- Wetsuits are mandatory and many competitors use paddles, pull-buoys, fins, etc. And I’m neither used to nor keen on using wetsuits right now. But of course, if that’s part of the rules, I’ll have to comply. My dream would be to get an exemption …

- I would need to find a teammate !


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Swimmer specialised in relatively cold water and relatively long distances, English Channel Swimmer 2009, Butterfly across the English Channel in 2013
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