Swimming 24 hours for Doctors Without Borders

What?! Another blog post?! I just as shocked as you are!! I’m not even swimming that much these days, so there shouldn’t be too much to write about … and yet.

Let me take a minute of your time to tell you about the next challenge on my swim-agenda. After a conversation with Mr Anders Blomgren right after Göteborgsimmet, we agreed that the prospect of taking on a 24-hour swim was tickling our interest and that we should try it sooner rather than later. I was expecting us to talk about it some more over the next few months and try to do something about it at some stage next year. But then, during a Facebook conversation between the two of us and Lennart Larsson, somehow Petra Marklund “September” was mentioned. And September it will be!

The concept:

Based on “2 Swim 4 Life”. We will try to swim 24 English Miles in 24 hours. That is 24 x 1609 meters. We will start swimming every hour, complete thirty-two (and a fraction of a) length of the pool and get the remainder of the hour in order to rest/eat/sleep/play games. That’s quite a lot of rest, but from what I’ve heard, even for strong and fast swimmers, it gets tough during the night, about two-thirds of the way through the event.

Where and When?

We will start on the 27th of September at 07:00 and hopefully finish at the same time the next day. We will be hosted by Valhallabadet in central Göteborg. The first eight hours (aka the warmup) will be during opening times, but we will get the pool to ourselves! Fun!


It takes time to cure an addiction … we haven’t managed it yet.

Ohh, and we will be raising money for Doctors Without Borders.You may already make a donation via the following page: Click here for the donation page! It’s a bit in swedish, but you’ll manage, I promise …


All sorts of swimmers. Some have swum similar distances before, some haven’t. Some are fast, some like to take their time. Some will take on the full 24-hour challenge, some will tag along for three, six or twelve hours. About 24 swimmers are expected for the “Main Event”.

You will of course hear more about this in the next few weeks !


About Sylle

Swimmer specialised in relatively cold water and relatively long distances, English Channel Swimmer 2009, Butterfly across the English Channel in 2013
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5 Responses to Swimming 24 hours for Doctors Without Borders

  1. Michèle says:

    mais c’est une super chouette idée!!! :-)

  2. suzie dods says:

    Fantastic. Donation coming & good luck . It’s on my list . Will you join us in San Fran for the 24 Hr Relay or will that be too easy?

    • Sylle says:

      Thank you so much, Suzie! Is the 24-hour relay now a yearly thing? Our travelling possibilities are somewhat limited over the next year due to our wedding and other commitments … but just in case, what’s the date?
      (Oh, and certainly not “too easy”!!)

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