Goals for 2014

In an attempt to bring back this blog to life, here’s a short list with goals for this year. They might evolve in the next few months, but you’ve got to start somewhere, right?

Goal One: Break the minute barrier for 100m in SCM (haven’t timed myself in a 25-meter pool in a long time, so I’m not quite sure where I’m at …)

Goal Two: Finish Vidösternsimmet! (after giving up after 13km in 2012)

Goal Three: Finish Vidösternsimmet … in style, i.e. fight for the win among the non-wetsuiters (very dependent on who actually shows up)

Goal Four: Do a “Not-quite-a-Sub-32-Marathon-thingy”.

The original concept is to manage a swimming marathon (10 km) under 3 hours as well as a running marathon (42.195 km) in under 3 hours. I’ve never been a runner, so I can forget about running a marathon that fast, especially since I’m not willing to train as much as last year. I’m not going to go for a marathon at all, actually. I will try to give it all on a 10k though. My ultimate goal could be to do the swim-thing in under 3 hours in the Delsjön lake and then (the same day or the day after) run one lap around the lake at the pace of a 3:00-marathon. Which would mean …. 10 kilometers in 42:40!!!!!! Very ambitious, and I probably won’t get close to it, but I’ll have fun trying.

Goal Five: Swim-a-sketch … more about it soon.


About Sylle

Swimmer specialised in relatively cold water and relatively long distances, English Channel Swimmer 2009, Butterfly across the English Channel in 2013
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2 Responses to Goals for 2014

  1. Pawel Walczyk says:

    Hi Sylle,

    Very motivational for me to see what you have achieved in butterfly open water swimming. Although I cannot dream of crossing the English Channel (back in Poland where I grew up we called it Kanal La Manche actually).
    How do you prepare for swimming in such cold water with no wetsuit???
    I have lived in Phoenix for many years and my body does not tolerate cold , in addition to having a mild form of Raynaud’s disease.
    Swam fly from Alcatraz to San Francisco few years back in 13-14C water and had hard time to recover from hypothermia. Going back there for the Golden Gate swim June 21 and I hate to wear the wetsuit. Even the sleeveless type I have kills my butterfly stroke and is very tiring. This morning I did 3000m in Lake Pleasant here in Arizona in 67 minutes but that would be for you like relaxing in a bath tub in lukewarm water. I will turn 50 in a few weeks, small guy only 172 cm, started to learn butterfly only six years ago. It would be great honor to hear some advise from you. If you are ever in the American southwest – let me know, we can always jump into my pool at home.
    Best regards,
    Pawel from the wild West

    • Sylle says:

      Hi Pawel, thanks for your message and sorry for the delay!

      Acclimatizing to the cold is always one of the trickiest challenges. It was easier when I was living in Ireland as the water is pretty much always cold there and there’s a good group of cold water swimmers. As a result you get to train in water ranging from 7 to 17°C all year round in a safe way.

      Things got trickier here in Sweden. The lake in which I train(ed) goes from frozen to too warm in a matter of weeks. What I did was trying to make myself cold as often as possible during a year before my swim. Not wearing jackets during winter, taking long cold showers, cold baths of increasing duration in the cold pool (5 to 8°C) next to a sauna at my local aquatic centre. Also I was doing a few training swims on an empty stomach … up to 3.5 hours. Even if the water was relatively warm it did start feeling colder by the end.

      I also gained about 10kg in the process. A good bit from eating like 4 persons. And quite a bit of ice cream. I could not tell you how much of the 10kg was fat vs muscle or if it really was necessary. Difficult to say. But for a swim of 14-18 hours I wanted to store as much energy as possible beforehand!

      Great to hear about a fellow OW flyer :) Best of luck for your upcoming challenge and thanks for the invite, I don’t have any immediate plans bringing me to America, but who knows about later on??!

      Take care,

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