Starting at 9:30am tomorrow, here’s how to send messages!

Okay people, in case you want to follow the swim, read again the instructions from the previous post. Most of the information is in there somewhere.

The last nugget of information that might be useful is the phone numbers that you can send messages to. We will have two mobile phones on board, an Irish and a French one. Please feel free to use them to send CHEERS!!! Lisa, Donal and Zoe will try to pass on the message, either verbally or via the white board. Keep in mind that long sentences probably aren’t a great idea as it might be difficult to communicate with me! Don’t really expect a reply, as everyone will be quite busy.

Here are the numbers:

Irish number : 00353-87-66-81-369 (ONLY AVAILABLE ON THE ENGLISH SIDE)

French number : 0033-67-43-71-374 (ONLY AVAILABLE ON THE FRENCH SIDE)

There’ll be messages on Twitter/Facebook about when we reach the French side.



About Sylle

Swimmer specialised in relatively cold water and relatively long distances, English Channel Swimmer 2009, Butterfly across the English Channel in 2013
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4 Responses to Starting at 9:30am tomorrow, here’s how to send messages!

  1. Jarek Figas says:

    Go for it Sylle!

  2. Jean-Luc Piens says:

    Go for it! Never stop swimming!!!

  3. Massalia says:

    Congratulations ! 16H51, c’est TOP !

    Sache que tout (ou presque tout) le forum de Natation Pour Tous suit tes exploits (ouais, ouais, c’est un exploit !) et qu’on en parle même en stage NPT !

    Sympa de pouvoir suivre la progression du bateau …

    Repose-toi bien, Zul ! et pense au décrassage (un p’tit 5000 de pap’ ??) post course !


  4. Nicolas Belouin says:

    Ainsi vient mon tour de te féliciter: BRAVO SYLVAIN !
    Vivement que tu nous donnes les détails.

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