How to follow Sylvain’s swim?

At some stage between the 12th and the 17th of September, I will be trying to swim the English Channel using only the butterfly stroke. This has been achieved by only two persons before me. It’s going to be a long day in the water as the crossing is expected to take between 13 and 18 hours depending on the conditions. In order for me to manage to reach France in one piece I will need as much support as possible. Here are a few ways of following the swim as well as ways of sending me support messages and/or donate to my chosen charities!

Thanks in advance and enjoy the show :)



You can get the latest news regarding the swim via Twitter. Things like the date and time of the start, the latest news during the swim and possibly some pictures and short videos will be published on my Twitter page.

It’s really easy to follow via Twitter, you don’t actually need an account, just click on the following link:

The latest news appear on the top of the page.

If you want to send messages to me, then you need your own account. You can create it via The next step is to follow me by looking for me via the search field. Once it’s done you can send messages to me by including “@SylvainSwims” in your message.

Most messages will be in English … unless I manage to teach my crew French or Swedish in a really short amount of time. We shall see.

It might also be possible to send cheering messages to me during the swim via text messages (I’m gonna need some cheering!). The messages will hopefully be passed on to me via the white board we will be taking on the boat. I’ll make sure to communicate the right phone number(s) before the start.



There will be the same updates on Facebook as on Twitter. The only difference is that it might be easier to interact via Facebook than with Twitter as more people have Facebook accounts.

The swim’s official page is the following:

You may also send your best butterfly pictures on the event page: We’re all butterflies (Send a picture!)



There’s a GPS tracker on every support boat. There are a few websites that allow to access data from these trackers. The easiest is to use the CS&PF (Channel Swimming and Piloting Federation) website:

Click then on LIVE TRACKING

A map centered on the Channel will then appear. There should be a few colourful triangular symbols. These correspond to the support boats from the CS&PF and CSA (the two associations that ratify the crossings).

My boat’s name is Gallivant and shoud appear as a green triangle. If you want to know where exactly it is on the map, just click on the checkbox beside the name “Gallivant” and a text box with a picture of the boat will appear close to the correct symbol on the map.

If you click on “Latest Track” in the aforementioned text box, the equivalent of twelve hours of GPS markers will be displayed over the map.

The easiest is actually to constantly keep the first page open. The symbols will automatically move and the tracks will drawn as they move forward.



The second option in order to follow the boat is the following page:

Click on the first link: SATELLITE TRACKER 1 – GALLIVANT

You will be redirected to a new page showing the Channel. There should be a certain amount of numbered markers. The highest numbers are the latest boat locations. There’s a maximum of 50 markers displayed at all times … every time a new position is transmitted and displayed, an old marker will disappear.

On the screenshot above, the path number 1 corresponds to a swim across the Channel. There is little space between the markers (it’s possible to see on the left side of the screen to what time each of the marker corresponds), which indicates a relatively slow pace. You will notice that it isn’t a straight line. This is due to the fact that the tides change direction every six hours.

The second path is simply the boat ride back to Dover. It’s quicker and quite straight.

NB : When you follow a live swim, you might observe “leftover markers” from a previous crossing. Remember that you need to follow the markers with the highest numbers.

NB2 : This page refreshes itself automatically, no need to serve it a drink to click on F5.



I’m collecting funds for two charities: Hundar Utan Hem and APEI Centre-Alsace

Donations are (gladly) accepted and can be performed via Paypal by clicking on the following link:

Hundar Utan Hem

Click Here to Donate :) (translated: “Homeless dogs”) is a website that presents homeless Irish dogs in need of a home in Sweden.

In Sweden we don´t have any stray dogs. Still many people want to help a dog in need or prefer to adopt an older dog instead of buying a pure breed pup from a kennel.
People in Sweden treat their dogs like a member of the family and many are heartbroken when they hear about all the dogs being put to sleep in Ireland. Helping an Irish dog has become very popular and we can home almost any dog to a great new home in Sweden.
Most of the dogs coming to Sweden have a family waiting for him/her at the airport. If we haven´t found the right family, the dog will be taken to one of our caring fosterhomes.

(Source: Hundar Utan Hem


Association des Parents d’Enfants Inadaptés (APEI)

L’APEI Centre Alsace is a territorial assoction that promotes the advancement of handicapped people, their social integration as well as the maintain of the familial bonds.
The commitment of all professionals and volunteers allows for the values of solidarity, dignity and respect of the individual to lead to concrete actions within the 9 institutions and wards (350 persons taken care of, 240 employees and 230 members). L’APEI Centre Alsace has been registered as being of public utility since 2001.

(Source: APEI Centre-Alsace)



I would like to thank my sponsors AQUADEUS and IDEA MARINE AB for their support in this adventure.

Aquadeus, swimwear for trendy swimmers, resistant to cooking oil … because we’re not battered fish.

IDEA MARINE AB We deliver custom tailored solutions for everything in marine propulsion technology!


About Sylle

Swimmer specialised in relatively cold water and relatively long distances, English Channel Swimmer 2009, Butterfly across the English Channel in 2013
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  1. Michèle says:

    BRAVOOOOO!!!!!!! tu l’as fait, c’est énorme! suivre ta traversée en live m’a fait penser à nos suivis live avec mes potes triathlètes sur ironman, c’est tout aussi passionnant :-) bref, repos bien mérité, j’attends avec impatience le CR :-) :-) :-)

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