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I’m been fairly quiet on the blogging side of life recently, which, I promise, is a good sign that the swimming is going well. I have done a bunch of 20K+ Saturday swims in the past few months, with more or less success. But more “more” than “less” ! One of them was due to be 23K and included a scary 100x100x95 (one hundred times 100m starting every 95s) in front crawl. My shoulder and bicep had been bugging me for a couple days prior to this swim, so I was quite nervous at the start. I figured I’d try to do maybe fifty one hundreds and then we’d see … it felt like my right arm was somehow quite slow to react to my mental instructions: I’d have my arm extended in front of me and would try to bend my elbow and start pulling, but it would take maybe a quarter or half a second to respond and I would feel a little pinch in the bicep. It wasn’t really painful but it was bringing my spirits down a bit. I nonetheless managed to complete this set, which I was really happy about as this was my first real 100×100. I had done a 200×100, before but the interval was two minutes. I paid the price for my effort in the rest of the session and called it a day after 17K. Mixed feelings, one really good set, but an incomplete session.

My shoulder is now feeling better, I have been going to a naprapath (Eva Ritterlund @ Ullevi Kliniken) every month or so in 2013. Not sure how to translate “naprapath” in english, I would guess that a naprapath is somewhere between a physiotherapist and chiropractor, using a combination of massages, stretches and cracking moves. I’m happy with my treatement, and especially to have started it before it started hurting. One of my big mistakes in 2009 was to wait until my shoulder got really sore to seek medical attention (Ossi Schmidt @ Brookfield Clinic, Cork City), losing almost a month of training in the process. I had formulated the theory that butterfly wouldn’t be harder than freestyle on my shoulders as my body is pulled forward by the combined action of both arms, rather than one arm at the time. So far so good. And my lower back isn’t misbehaving either, yay!

Also, the layer of ice on top of Lake Delsjön has finally melted and I’ve been able to do my first open-water swim of the year earlier today. Greta keeps reminding me that she beat me to it by a full week and that she has pictures to prove it. What I think is that she has perfected her Photoshop skills recently, and that’s how she came up with the said “proofs”! Anyway, today’s swim was a short one. The water has already reached 8°C, which means that open-water season is ON!



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Swimmer specialised in relatively cold water and relatively long distances, English Channel Swimmer 2009, Butterfly across the English Channel in 2013
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  1. Charcuterie says:

    Tenir 100×100 départ 1’35… impressionnant, tu es polyvalent entre le pap et le crawl. Tu tournais à combien sur les 100m lors de cette série ? Tu regardes une horloge murale pour les départs ou tu as une montre avec un timer ? (1’35 c’est pas évident à compter sur l’horloge).

    • Sylle says:

      Merci :) J’essaie de ne pas oublier le crawl complétement, on sait jamais, ça peut servir ! J’étais en moyenne à 1:27-1:28 (grand bac) par 100m, le premier était en 1:34, j’ai presque arrêté directement… Pour les départs, j’ai ma montre, mais le timer ne fait que les minutes. Du coup je lance le chrono et me concentre bien sur les temps de lancement en me les répétant constemment :

      - 100m numéro un, prochain départ à 1:35, 100m numéro un, prochain départ à 35, …
      - 100m numéro sept, prochain départ à x:05, 100m numéro sept, prochain départ à 35, …

      Et puis ça se répète tous les douze.

      “Charcuterie”, ça me donne faim !

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