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Ducktor D’Affine

It’s been approximately five weeks since I started swimming again following the skiing madness of earlier this year. I figured I would share some numbers with you, this way I’ll (and you’ll … we’ll) be able to see the progression … Continue reading

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Water God

There are two occasions when one feels like a true athlete. After a grueling (and very hypothetical at this stage) 15k LCM pool session featuring three all-butterfly sets, two of them requiring you to hold a 1:30 per 100 pace … Continue reading

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Dobri-f article that may make you give up butterfly for ever …

I just stumbled upon a french website dealing with swimming technique (mostly front crawl from what I’ve seen): Le plaisir de nager (The Joy of Swimming). In one of the articles, the author mentions a Butterfly Jedi Master whom I … Continue reading

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